Thursday, April 26, 2012

sometimes we are stunned by ' beauties ';
oh , she is such a beauty-
a simple beauty, an unadorned charm !
alas , she herself quite unaware
of her innocence in blissful radiance ;
she is not wealthy ,a poor
but rich in beauty's excellence !
everything about her professes dignity
and anything she does is gentle in grace
and does possess a natural poise ;
she seems to speak yet not;
o ,her beauty speaks in whispers with the wind :
your age does not decline the treat of her beauty ;
it spreads on her like the unshaken shadow
on the still waters of a limpid lake-
her beauty manures not vulgar vultures of the mind
but transforms you as an ardent devotee of beauty !
o how could it be she the mother of two grown kids
that garland their arms around her lovely neck !
her fair skin seems quite strange for her social status
and radiates a divine glow about her ;
those artificially shaped girls in skimpy dress
down the ramps in ugly gaits in blinding lights
and those in wealthy overflowing dresses
in knife-sharp creases and in boastful jewellery
are no match to this lady wrapped in local attire sans ornaments ;
whose one-quarter smile would land us in heavens of bliss !
who is the lucky soul to have her as his dear wife ?
who is the mother that nurtured her in her womb ?
o god , let she not age nor her beauty tire and wither
for she is the walking paradise of virtuous beauty ;
a creation of you when you were in total peace !
----sundaram chandrakalaadhar

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