Wednesday, February 20, 2013

in hot pursuit of my sweet sparrow !
my handy cam was restless and hungry
smacking its lips for the choicy nature dishes--
the pinch was too much to bear
and i set out my journey to bangaluru
from the cursed chennai devoid of cute little birds
to the blessed bangaluru's cool climes
where thrive all sweet songsters
in their joyful flights in the sporting winds !
who marks the microwave towers
as the villain of peace that drove mercilessly
the ever agile and ever brisk house sparrows ?
then how can it thrive and flourish in gleeful gangs
in bangaluru where towers outwit even the crafty crows ?
could there then be a curse on the cauldron chennai ?
must be the perennial pricks from the sea of crows ?
two happy days in the serene skies of bangaluru !
and my handy cam was overfed with the juicy nature !
bangaluru is a bird-heaven
the sky is decorated with the formations of
the disciplined flights of cranes and storks --
o what a treat to watch the young skies
with wave after wave of these wonder birds
weaving delectable ever-changing patterns
that raise 'aahaa's in your heart !
can a flight itself be a melody or music ?
yes, yes , it can be to the whole body and soul !
and the graceful raiding flights with alert looks of
the urban kites and vultures in their broad powerful wings
circling the heavens at majestic heights
with delicate manoeuvring of their tails and wing tips !
the tiny sparrows in small bands
with the black-banded males calling sweet names
of their beloveds in ' chweet- chweet ' language,
restless to park their spirits at a spot not more a second !
i am the heaven's blessed soul
to have the birds amidst me
in their happy flights of unbridled freedom
serenading their songs in total abandon
all for me and for me alone !
strange birds present themselves in their full glory
for a fleeting moment to surprise and gladden me !
i am not the mindless man
to cage the tiny hearts with their bursting melodies
to crash their hearts in painful cries
slamming their chests against the rock- hearts
that cage their songful-spirits for their vulgar joys !
o my loving birds , soar high and higher up in skies
criss-cross the heavens in brilliant colours
and pour out your souls on this hungry heart
and feed with the splendour my ever-hungry cam !
---s.chandra kalaadhar
20.02.2013 / wednesday / maasi 8 / 12 noon