Saturday, December 31, 2011

this is our last parting handshake,2011

this our last parting handshake,2011
this is our last parting handshake-
there is absolutely no chance of meeting you ,
31.12.2011 and 2011
when you fade into the dim tunnels of ' time '
you had spoken to me through the skies
the wind , the sun ,the water, the stars
and the earth which bears all my atrocities-
you had been kind to me ,harsh at times,
you had wept with me and heartily laughed also--
you had punished me for my wrong-doing;
at times for nothing on my part-
i had my successes and great downfalls;
overall it had been a lasting friendship!
is it your death now
or the rest into the dusty chambers of history?
wear this pearl of my tear-drop around your heart
as you slowly fall into your deep rest--
i leave you in intolerable pain
as i have no chance of meeting you ever in life !
---s.chandra kalaadhar

Friday, December 30, 2011

thoughts on a fallen ' paarijaatham ' flower.

thoughts on a fallen 'paarijaatham ' flower.
i was wading through my vague thoughts
as i walked along the roadside--
i came to senses with a sudden start-
o god ! i was about to tread on a small flower
full of grace and simple beauty with a mild fragrance--
it is considered a holy flower;
it is 'paarijaatham' or ' pavazhamalli '
with one 'cm' orange stalk
and six perfectly merging white petals--
there always seems to be a swirl frozen on its petals
resembling the wheel-like weapon of gods--
memories of bygone years visit crowding me
whereupon we,brothers, rushed to gardens and groves
to gather these lovely flowers
with the greediest arms encircling in whirls
to corner these gems outwitting other valiant competitors
as they lay spread like mats on the ground
while rained in blossom-showers over our heads--
we also had gentlemen agreements among boys
not to invade the territories of others not so clearly marked out--
and to offer duty bound to our father
for his daily morning worship--
yes those were the cheerful days
as if on an expedition in the cool dawn hours
waiting impatiently for the 'keyman ' to unlock the premises--
why this flower blossom stealthily at night
with none to enjoy its fragrance and beauty?
why its life is so short-lived ?
why even the whisper of a gentle breeze knocks it down ?
o tree ! are you so heartless to disown your kids
like some soulless mothers of their illicit infants ?
or do the stars order that these star-children
also to depart at the invent of the dawn?
o tiny flower ! ever you kindle sweet memories
of our joyful association from ages past-
blessed i am,o charming friend,
i have ever my rebirth as a child at your sight !
-----s.chandra kalaadhar

mind you ,my friends and all..!

mind you, my friends and all..!
mind you,
my friends and well-wishers-
i am absolutely not arrogant
when i politely say-
all my thoughts,
indeed everyone of them,
walk on the ramp of my mind
in graceful style
clothed in simplicity
radiating the confidence of truth--
i never dress them up
i sweat not for words
in the jungle of dictionaries--
everything falls in place
as the dew pearls on a wintry night
settling over the palm
of the meditating leaves-
yes i do dance on the keyboard
with my forefinger with effortless ease-
i do reemphasize
'this is not out of my haughtiness;
this is really and trully
what i experience in these golden days
of my listless life so far
on my lonesome journey.'
yes,i enjoy these moments
in childlike revelry amidst the clouds !
----s.chandra kalaadhar

let me neither make nor break....

let me neither make nor break
new year resolutions-
let me be as i am as ever
holding a mini pocket book
with all my crazy jottings
... snatching thoughts as they hit me
on their reckless ways-
performing ten out of hundred tasks
that i greedily scheme to finish-
compiling at last at the end of the day
my failures of the faded day
with a tinge of sorrow
-s.chandra kalaadhar.