Friday, December 30, 2011

mind you ,my friends and all..!

mind you, my friends and all..!
mind you,
my friends and well-wishers-
i am absolutely not arrogant
when i politely say-
all my thoughts,
indeed everyone of them,
walk on the ramp of my mind
in graceful style
clothed in simplicity
radiating the confidence of truth--
i never dress them up
i sweat not for words
in the jungle of dictionaries--
everything falls in place
as the dew pearls on a wintry night
settling over the palm
of the meditating leaves-
yes i do dance on the keyboard
with my forefinger with effortless ease-
i do reemphasize
'this is not out of my haughtiness;
this is really and trully
what i experience in these golden days
of my listless life so far
on my lonesome journey.'
yes,i enjoy these moments
in childlike revelry amidst the clouds !
----s.chandra kalaadhar

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