Monday, April 9, 2012

a tribute to a holy river by its rivulet
dear father,
you would have completed 112 years today had you been alive ;
10.04. 1900 is your birth date
and you departed us in 1994 at a ripe age ;
o yogi, your memories would never fade in our hearts ;
we salute you again and again for your straightforwardness in all your dealings;
you had been a great teacher to us both in school and in home;
how can we forget your lion's strides as you made to school and back;
we don't remember a day you missed your daily yoga at pre-dawn hours
till you reached your seventies and stood as a shining example for us to tread ;
you talked less, prayed more and meditated most and taught exhaustively ;
you stood for depth and breadth in studies and science was your forte ;
as an exemplary teacher you never hurried through lessons nor feared inspections ;
all students loved your class as you did not move to next till all understood a point.
the definitions and theorems still ring in our ears with unbroken edges as you taught long long ago .
we never wasted holidays in vain talk and boisterous play but learnt to write essays ;
it doesn't mean we were prisoners of the house but played while it was to be played.
the mantras and slokams of your daily worship still haunt our ears and play on our lips ;
once you told us all ," o my boys , i am not leaving you a wealth of properties and gold;
but left you all with an abundant wealth of good education and conduct to steer your paths "--
father , you strode in front in unwavering discipline and we followed in your guiding light ;
we are proud to be your sons and daughters and we pray our future births in your shade;
we still feel your benign presence in our midst and our heads touch your feet in reverence true.
------s.chandra kalaadhar

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