Sunday, April 1, 2012

at the immense seashore
at the immense seashore,
boasting of frozen wavelets of silvery sands
i stand as a small insignificant pin
under the huge canopy of the sky,
facing waves on waves of the magical blue
advancing and crashing on shore front
generating a variety of sounds-
a hiss, a clap ,a thud ,a thunder !
something definitely happens here ;
mind grows curious to get into the vortex
and fish out the eternal truth-
it dawns on me a picture
of a parent holding the tiny hand of a cute child-
the child full of questions
firing them in quick succession
barely before the answers fully bloom-
restless questions,eternal doubts
one query leading to another
drawing out the entire mystery of nature;
a single question seed
exploding into the 'tree of universe '--
endless doubts and endless queries of baby waves
riding on the backs of huge parent waves
and the perennial patient answers of parent waves-
this world reverberates with endless searching questions
journeying in ethereal space ,seeking answers from the creator
who has packed them tightly inside the ' Q '!

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