Tuesday, May 29, 2012

crowded by thousands of forms of gods ,
each hovering over my head in mad circles,
yes , i have lost my meditation and devotion;
my lips cry for a god
and my heart seeks another
and my intellect runs after another;
i am at a loss to determine which of this pantheon
may rush for my help in my hour of distress;
confusion stirs me to stupidity and turbidity-
i politely send them all away
and i think of the one god
who has no face ,no trunk
but only two feet for me to grab on
and hold them on to my chest ;
i am in terrible fears to lift my head up
lest i may see a body or a face ;
for i know with only his feet in vision
i reach my nameless and formless god
in seconds of my submerging into meditation !
------s.chandra kalaadhar

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