Friday, March 30, 2012

is it that call ?
quite often i become piteously pithless
both of the body and the mind--
is it that call ?
nearer ? or far-off ?
the old age murmurs.
'quite unlike those days'-
the verdict of the mind
pricks as a thorn-
o,before me how many works
are in stagnation !
in the weight of my thoughts
i am totally drowned-
my duties to my children
remain woefully incomplete-
in my passion to write
bow-like i become on my table-
desirous of reading
lie on my bed
and even sink into sleep --
those lines read long ago
surface in the mind-
"you are perfectly alright ! "-
take a very deep breath ;
directing my gaze into the heaven
" flood me with vibrant energy!"-
i command the universal soul ;
in seconds
i am completely transformed-
all inside me
is the powerful current ;
i spring up afresh
exhaustion ejected out !
it is now strident music
in the valleys of my heart !

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