Tuesday, March 27, 2012

girl ,where has your look lost its way ?
girl,where has your look lost its way ?
into which grief has it drowned ?
where is your mind stagnated?
what are the thoughts that pile up in you?
which of them blooms a smile on your lips ?
which one pushes you into a seething anger ?
which one explodes you into a riotous laughter?
have you created a world for yourself ?
is not the god-created world suffice for you ?
when would you find the road to this world back ?
when would you thrash the contempts and disgraces ?
what do you discuss with the god ,the incomprehensible ?
here the heart of your mother profusely bleeds ;
is there not any medicine in any corner of this world
to bring cheer and life into these desolate hearts ?

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