Sunday, March 25, 2012

for many many years a problem
seized me by my throat;
i ran to places broken-hearted
in search of a way-out of the muddle ;
peace was at no peace with me
and swiftly receded far far into the horizon;
everywhere there seemed a solution
yet it was not to be,never to be;
i dashed my head with experts in the field
but my worries alone multiplied
and my purse ran dry and my eyes wet in tears;
my inner mouth was in ceaseless prayers
but no gods lifted their lids for a momentary glance;
the pages of my diary were drenched in sorrow;
years rolled on as it should ,piling more grief on me;
no solution was in sight and i resigned to my fate
as a retribution for my commissions in earlier births.
one day,can i call it , a fine day
there had been a perceptable turn around;
it was for better ,it seemed to be,my joy in pains-
it grew in arithmetic progression, drying my tears;
a simple solution,i knew not what,somewhere occurred ;
o god ,what was it that suddenly visited me
and thrashed and drove away my pain and grief ?
who withheld it so long and why?
why now a change of heart all of a sudden ?
my hair seemed to regain its black tint
my legs became light and leaping
my heart pumped more energy into my soul;
strong shafts of light shot into my indoors-
o god, everything is beyond my comprehension!
o friends in grief,await your moment , painting patience;
it would one day oblige our tireless efforts !
------s.chandra kalaadhar

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