Wednesday, January 25, 2012

long live ,my priyaa!
not because to-day is your birthday-
i ever remember you endearingly in heart
and keep you close to my beautiful thoughts-
it is you who are my lighthouse
standing gracefully searching me
amidst turbulent waves of misery--
for no reason my eyes gather tear-pearls
just on seeing you lighting my horizon-
to me you are the glory of the dawn
flushing the skies in rosy hues-
the droplets of dew perilously meditating
at the edge of a fragrant petal-
you are my sunset glories
plating the clouds with sheets of gold-
you are not my wealth 
as i have no affinity for the faithless money-
i ever see your loving face
on the veena and the violins you tended in youth-
i will write hundred thousand poems on you
yes,because you are my loving soul-
a father alone can feel a daughter's pulse
and i am no exception to the universal truth.
i still have with me the broken fragments of your clay models-
to me the golden peacock throne does not merit that much-
a flood of memories lash at my banks
they are all sweet melodies to me on this day-
o my child,i cannot see you as a mother of a child
you are in my arms still as an infant
and my eyes refuse to see the outer growth
but ever implants my dear kid 's face they cannot erase !
long live my child, my baby ,my kid-
a blessing rooted deep in my heart
sends its blessing branches to your abode!
-----chandra kalaadhar


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