Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i am greatly perplexed

i am greatly perplexed
i am greatly perplexed-
the unbearable burden is squarely on my head 
crushing me into smithereens-
it was accumulation madness in youth
receiving gifts in plenty , all in repetitions-
most glittering but utterly useless-
my purse then was bottomless
my desires soaring endless heights
and proud of my vanity acquisitions-
at the exit gate of my life
all shout at me clamouring protection
from the closed boxes' stifling darkness
never once breathing fresh air in years-
of what  use were they for me
except to occupy entire lofts ?
o how to dispose of these worthless stuffs
with no place even to display their empty glitter ?
time runs out with the knock of death getting louder
the gifts outliving their utility and unexciting the gen-next-
i spend sleepless nights ,waking up with bulging eyes
o god ! no more gifts to slaughter my sleep !
kind hearts ! relieve me of my distress lest i kill myself !
---s.chandra kalaadhar 

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