Thursday, August 18, 2011


anna hazare and fight against corruption


crowds pour in thousands

to see actors for their glamouur

to politicians to blindly support their falsities

to so called saints to revere their false robes

to orators mesmerized by the web of words

to singers to melt in their melodies--

but all has its own limits of assemblage

as most of them lack universal appeal

as most lack truth and sincerity of the deliverers'

as most of them are dishonest and self-serving--

the surging crowds gradually peter out-

the crowds would easily sense their purpose.

but ,here is a man,though diminutive

stands colossal among giants of politician cheats

to crush them all under his mighty feet-

he ,unlike others,lives a truthful and simple life-

a real soldier of the army in action fronts

a whole village testifying his service in broader light-

a man committed to a cause dear to all and sundry-

an epidemic that sucks the life of common man

at every level at every step of his daily life-

which gets the stick at lower levels if at all found-

but has become a way of life for those at top-

with law a powerless prisoner in their hands-

their bank accounts growing obese in foreign lawless banks-

courts devoting energies to favour with loopholes-

but this man's intention is pure,selfless,

taking clubs to smash the head of corruption

putting it behind bars on life-imprisonment

leaving none in the process however mighty his job may be-

as now the constitution is just a laughing -stock

since its dictum that all are equal before law is unenforceable-

he fights that this untouchability to be given boot-

he yields to nothing that are diluted-

no selfishness but tries to lift the whole country on his shoulders-

he believes he can;yet he is not a man of empty words-

a man of firmness,caring not for his life,nor his name

sullied by filthy politicians,facing bullets of falsehood on his chest-

people sense the true spirit of this little man

who can speak only a language of conviction

and so rushes to storm the evil of corruption

now centered at the gates of parliament

under the care of self -centered politicians under every hued flag

making empty noises and resorting to fist fights of arguments

turning deaf to the symphony of cries against corruption-

the times look like the days of french revolution -

probably the politicians fear that prisons might be insufficient

if they enact this janlokpal bill in stringent content

and may be that fears that they may end up in prison soon-

this man with indomitable spirit is 'anna hazare'

a real replica of the frail man of the nation we forgot!


----s.chandra kalaadhar

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