Monday, June 18, 2012

o what a climate today !
o where is the sun that squeezed dry my blood into sweat so long ?
the day unusually rolls up and sets aside the sparkling quilt of the sun;
and the ashen clouds have spread their thin mats all over the skies
and the cheerful winds on joyful feet spread happiness everywhere
on top of all , as a crowning glory , there is a dreamy rain -
no , i cannot call this rain , or a misty fall ,nor a soft drizzle-
it is of dreamy drops ,here and there , distanced by long seconds ,
and tossed far and wide by the sprinting and sporting wind,
sending shivers of thrill into the streams of blood
and giving birth to spontaneous expressions of ecstasy;
it is a rainless rain , raining joy and dance -
the light is cool and gentle and not hurting;
it is the winds that create the festival of joy
and spray laughter that bubbles up amidst the flowery trees-
o what is the language of the flowers and leaves ?
are they one and the same or different ?
o how i wish to speak their noiseless language !
today i could venture out into the open even at 4 p.m.
with no risk of burning my soles and skin ;
today my dance is not on flames but on flowers-
the sky has bid adieu to the sweating sun of june ;
at last i find the sun of the moon or the moon of the sun
high above on the western skies ,harmless and half-sleepy ;
the nature today has painted everything in mild colours,
drawing hearts out into the open to the bliss of the seasons !
where else in the universe except on this lovely earth
could i get this solemn bliss from the elements of nature ?
i will be born again and again on this beautiful earth .
------s.chandra kalaadhar [18.06.2012/ monday /aani 4/nandhana /4 p.m.

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