Monday, July 4, 2011


talking to myself


care you this world-

this world of men,

o my friend?

must you then be an idiot !

worry not a bit;

woo it not-

the more you woo

more the bites would you get-

with scornful eyes

it would jeer at you-

on your path slanders

would it sow in plenty-

for it is a mysterious

mad world.


so take up

that lovely harp-

tune its delicate sparkling strings

to the pitch of emotion

that sings witin you-

those solemn,melodious..

mellifluous soul-stirring songs-

unheard of yet

by the thick-membraned ears

of this dull world of men!


let the two pitches-

that within and without-

blend naturally and gracefully;

let your path vibrate

with your ecstatic songs-

let the air dance

to the rhythm of

your serene soft songs !


proceed on and on

along your lonely path ;

never look back

to see this world..

it may be aiming your head-

a mad world it is

let me remind you !

set the bowl of fancies

before your glittering wisdom ;

pour the sweet nectar

of your moony heart-

stir fast with the meditation

of your mind--

catch the refrain

of the supreme joy

from the sparkling spots

as they spin in magical rhythm

in swooning circles-

bind it deftly to your songs !

this world has no ears

for good things-

new fragrances

fail to thrill its nostrils-

likes to crawl only

in beaten narrow tracks

folding tight its wings-

so shed not tear-drops

if you are far removed

from winds of appreciation


relent not a bit-

have the delicate strings of your harp

loosened a bit ?

screw it tight-

pluck them fast ;

speak through your strings ;

let your songs overflow the cup

of your unspent life-

enjoy it fully !


take up your chisel ;

sharpen it with your designs-

behold the lofty mountain

standing in silent majesty

in front of your tiny frame-

carve and carve day and night

till it yields itself

to charming angels !

rejuvenate your slackened nerves

with cups of dreams

peppered with imagination !


build your tiny boat

this night itself-

tow it to the shore

and push into the ocean

of poet's delight

when a friendly tide

calls it in

with a loving heave !

work your small oars briskly

and sail forward

deep into ocean's roars-

do not care the sandy shores;

your world is the boundless sea ;

your songs that of the joyful tides !


look ahead into the blue billow-

dance in joy

with the roaring waves ;

read everything

your eyes encompass-

holding no thought of the sandy shore

sail forever

in search of newer worlds;

new delights

and glories new-

but beware of those

with designs to torpedo from behind !


meditate in the limpid silence

of the night-

and in the freshness

of the dewy morn ;

and in the mellowness

of the dusk

with wide open eyes-

pile up your works ;

look never back

at those mocking eyes-

let juicy thoughts full of lustre

flow perennially

from the moist tip

of your mighty pen ;

never allow to cease its flow !


do not spy they read or reject

the patient creations

of your passionate heart !

that should never be

your sickening worry ;

but to write non-stop

must be duty-prime--

let your works stand

face to face

against yonder mountains

in all its pride and humility !


before this world

wakes up from its slumbers

pour out all from your boisterous heart

and bestow those comely thoghts

a lovely shape

enduring life

everlasting lustre

soul of truth

and lively wings !

release them free

in the marvellous skies

and stupendous space

to sail among stars !


let them flutter

their cheerful wings

cooing their hearts out

in sudden bursts of

soul-thrilling songs

with the fragrance of your heart

upon their wings

scenting strong

their happy ways and days !


till then

rest not

wink not

your eyelids-

o my friend ...!

it s all for your soul

and to a soul

generations away

continents away

that awaits

with a longing heart !

----s.chandra kalaadhar

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