Saturday, June 18, 2011


Mother ..!
You could not have left us from this world
Though you met with that final knock of death ten years ago ,
All the time lamenting " I have lived my life fully
And seen all its pains and pleasures
In their barest attires and unadulterated attitudes
And I should not be a burden to any of my children
Riding on cursed bed, cooking ever thoughts in hazy visions
On helpless bones and loosened muscles.....! "
I could deeply infer that you could not leave us ,
So dear to you with your bonds on us so tight and strong!
Yes I know your heart could not rest content even in heaven
Without casting caring looks on all your posterity--
Yes Mom ! I feel your strong presence hovering ever around me
Everywhere I tread on amidst all my trials and tribulations.
Your tight close look scares and disperses clouds of gloom to nowhere.
Yes mom ! I am not alone, never alone
But in your invisible company charging me with hope!


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