Sunday, September 15, 2013

sitting on a high friendless summit in yogic meditation
let me not commit the blunder of  sermonizing
in endless streams , gloating inward my fancied infallibility --
but accept myself with all the human  weaknesses 
and observe this world in unbiased vision
and cleanse first myself of all my infirmities
though both  near impossible in application ;
my deficiencies ,though huge . escape detection by my intellect
and my blissful ignorance of my glaring discordant notes
would never make me a saintly soul to reel off  sermons--
bless me , o lord , not to make my life bristle  with riddles
but make it as simple and honest as feasible .;
help me in my efforts to make myself a flute
rather than an instrument with a thousand taut strings --
lend me your grace , o god ,to breathe through these holes
of my inherent deficiencies a stream of soulful music;
let my brethren feel that my songs are also theirs
and not look up  at my false glows with reverence .
grant me this boon that I may be true to myself .
----sundaram chandrakalaadhar
16.09.2013 / Monday / 2 a.m.

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