Monday, January 14, 2013

why should it happen ..?


why should it happen like this ?

why should there be such a rush

of unstoppable streams

of thoughts and fancies

into me and out of my core ?

why am i drifting away from close ones

and closing in on others and strangers?

which tide tosses me into realms unfamiliar ?

why mysterious sounds and strange silences

encircle me sucking me in their vortex

and ejecting me out with powerful kicks ?

why is my soul visited by holy spirits

in such a quick succession

spraying me with the fragrance of heavens ?

in which powerful energy's inescapable swirl

have i been caught and entangled ?

my thousand voices rise in waves

crying loud for merciful looks !

o god , it is your matchless boon-

the unending shower of thoughts-

that keep my spirits alive and high !

dispel my fear that soon

you may suck me dry and throw me lifeless

in an unfriendly desert !

o merciful it is my desire

i should die a poet

breathing out my last poem

in honour of the 'nature '!

---s.chandra kalaadhar

14.01.2013 /monday / thai 1 / 10 p.m.
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