Friday, December 7, 2012

i lazily turn the pages -
it is the concise English dictionary ;
the last page says "550 sir ! " in mini voice ;
i make a measure of me -
would i have garnered words worth
at least 50 pages' space
in all these 50 years
of my international-marriage
to this bride from foreign shores ?
strongly doubt even this humble measure !
do i know the full depth and width and confident ride
of each word within this beggarly ambit ?
again a giant 'no ' with a drooping head !
what courage then have i
to express my thoughts --
that bloom with all fluorescence and fragrance
in the poetic gardens of my native tongue --
in this poorly acquired overseas skill ?
yet i do ,hoping some forbearing souls
beyond the roaring seas and mighty mountains
would tune their sensitive ears
to the central throbs of this heaving heart !
----s.chandra kalaadhar

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